Neonatal Resuscitation Program – NRP

The HEN offers multiple formats to achieve Initial Certification or Recertification in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. There is no longer a “Recertification” in NRP. All courses are now NRP Provider skill verification courses.

2 hour skill verification: This 2 hour format is taught around a warmer with only 4 students per warmer. Basic steps, UVC/medications and airway management (Mr. SOPA) are all incorporated into mega-codes during this skill verification.

4 hour skill verification: This 4 hour format begins with the student rotating through 3 stations: Basic Steps, UVC and medications, and Airway management with MR. SOPA. Once station completion is achieved, students break out to warmers for mega-code simulation.

ONLINE EXAM: All participants must come to class with NRP online exam completed. The exam is made available via a HEN Hospital Account or the student is directed to the website to self-purchase.


  1. Completion of the NRP exam
  2. Bring Certificate of Completion to skill verification

Course materials:

  1. ONLINE EXAM: Upon registration, the student will receive a confirmation email regarding access/ payment to the NRP online exam.
  2. NRP Manual recommended for review, addressed in confirmation letter
  3. AAP NRP card awarded upon successful completion of the NRP skills.