Emergency Nurse Pediatric Curriculum – ENPC

The Hen offers the only format for ENPC available at this time.

ENPC: This 16 hour format is a full 2 day, Instructor led course. Lecture format with breakout on both days to learning/skill stations. Focus on pediatric trauma and life threatening situations. Bookwork preparation necessary. ONLINE PREP WORK: Student is assigned mandatory ENPC modules which are assigned 14 days prior to the class.


1.) Complete Review of current ENPC manual
2.) Basic pediatric physical assessment skills

Course Materials:

  1. REQUIRED: Current ENPC Manual
  2. ONLINE PREP: completion of the online ENA ENPC modules assigned 14 days prior to class
  3. Confirmation letter providing Manual information, course location and time
  4. Student receives an ENA ENPC card and CE

16 CE Awarded